Dodgers outfielder Andrew Toles is handling his latest setback with the positive mindset that got him to the major leagues.

Toles has torn the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee and will need season-ending surgery. He was on crutches on Wednesday and said he expects six or seven months of rehabilitation and a return in time for spring training.

“I want to stay positive,” Toles said. “There’s no sense in being distraught over an injury. In sports, it happens.”

“I was close to the wall. I was going to dive, but I realized I was going to go right into the wall,” Toles said. “I accelerated at the last second and stopped really quick on the dirt, and my leg gave out.

“I didn’t hear a pop or anything. How do I put this? It was an awkward hyperextension.”

A MRI on Wednesday confirmed the injury. He will have surgery in about seven to 10 days.

“His outlook on things is that he’s not too down,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. “He’s not too down. I think where most people would be devastated, his outlook on life is pretty simple, which is great. Just with his trek to get to the big leagues and what he’s had to endure and overcome, and to establish himself as a big league ballplayer for a winning team, says a lot about his character. To not see it through this year, I know his teammates, coaches, we’re all disappointed.”